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August 30, 2020


To Our Patients and Friends,

We know nothing lately has been easy. Each of us has had to adapt our lives. At Marchetto Cooper Orthodontics, we have been working to create the safest and most welcoming environment, and have tried to maintain an ongoing conversation about all that is going on in our practice.

In that spirit, I wanted to share some exciting news about a project I have been working on behind-the-scenes for more than four years.  I have discovered a way to control the biology of tooth movement in a safe and effective way.

Aiming to accelerate treatment time, minimize pain, and help maintain long-term results, I have created a company and patented a new medical device that will soon greatly benefit our patients and eventually the entire orthodontic profession. 

Called OrthodontiCell, our product is currently under FDA review. So far, the human studies have been very promising, showing: 

  • 50% treatment time reduction
  • 70% pain reduction 

How is this achieved? In simplest terms, by wearing a mouthpiece (2X a week, for 20 minutes) the device delivers bioelectric signals that stimulate the proteins responsible for tooth movement.  When these proteins are  “activated” we are then able to have greater control of tooth movement to achieve the shorter and more comfortable treatment.  The same process is then used to help stabilize the teeth more rapidly to minimize any post-treatment relapse.

At some point during the FDA review process we will be able to begin offering our patients the choice to use OrthodontiCell for their treatment.  As soon as this is a possibility, we will immediately let you know about this game-changing option. 

As always, it is an honor and privilege to have each of you as patients and friends, and myself, Dr. Cooper and our amazing team looks forward to continuing to offer you the best treatment in South Florida. 


Dr. John Marchetto



April 15, 2020


Hello to all our Marchetto Cooper family!  

It's Leann here – reaching out to you during this Covid 19 crisis to say how much we miss you all.    Currently I am working from home to keep up with patients by email and phone.  I figured it would be a great time to start a blog about my experience working with the practice and share some thoughts and insights.

I wanted to make you all aware that Dr. Cooper and Dr. Marchetto are following your progress by checking patient's charts to make sure that treatment is being monitored carefully. We sure are thankful that we live in this age of technology; it makes this process a little easier. I know that some funny Facetimes have gone on trying to teach siblings how to cut a pokey wire!  We are confident that as soon as this quarantine is lifted we will be able to go back to doing what we love- creating long lasting beautiful smiles.  

Living the quarantine life is getting tougher every day.  I know it is hard for the parents who have active children and bored teenagers. I hear from so many the struggles of now being an educator along with being a parent.  For the teachers, I am told they have a whole new format for their students, which has its own challenges.   For others of you, I know it is lonely being separated from family and friends.  I am a grandmother to four kiddos.  Two of them live approximately 2 miles from my house but we have not gotten to hug them in over a month – that is really hard but worth it so that everyone can stay safe.  I am pretty sure Facetime was created for the grandparents.  It has been a life saver for us. 

As for the office, both Doctors and our Team want you to know that each and every one of you matters to us. Of course your treatment needs are important, but we also care about you and your family being safe and staying healthy.  We want you to know that our TEAM is in this with you! It is the reason we all are taking the #Stayhome so seriously.  The Marchetto Cooper Team is doing their part to #Flattenthecurve and we hope you are doing the same.  If we all do our part, we can get through this.  

If I can leave you with a word of encouragement, I’d like you to remember this is just the normal- for now.  I know that there are better days ahead and I welcome them as I know you do.  Though some of us are  experiencing difficulties, there are some things that this unexpected time has given us that I hope we will use to make us all better as a community.  As I walk through my neighborhood (keeping distance), people have time to wave and smile at each other.  I see friends sharing items that are in short demand (TP).  Families have time to play outside and are really having fun together.  So I am hopeful that after this unwanted  pause, we will be a kinder and gentler South Florida community.  As a native Floridian, I have faith in all of us!  I know we will come out of this unprecedented event in our history better and stronger.  

So, be well Marchetto Cooper Family and stay safe.  We all look forward to seeing you again very soon. 

Leann Hellender is our treatment coordinator and office manager and has been with the practice for over 26 years


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