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Meet Dr. John Marchetto


As a founder of this practice over 30 years ago, I am proud of the many beautiful smiles in the community that this practice has created and now Dr. Cooper is blessed to treat the 2nd generation of patients and help them achieve the same great outcome.

Though retired from practice, I am still actively involved in the dental community- lecturing, attending continuing education, and on staff at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Craniofacial clinic.  We care for children with cleft lips and palates, as well as other facial anomalies.

Now with more free time, I am focused on OrthodontiCell- aiming to accelerate treatment time, minimize pain, and help maintain long-term results, I have created a company and patented a new medical device that will soon greatly benefit our patients and eventually the entire orthodontic profession. The product is currently under FDA review. So far, the human studies have been very promising, showing: 

50% treatment time reduction

70% pain reduction 

How is this achieved? In simplest terms, by wearing a mouthpiece (2X a week, for 20 minutes) the device delivers bioelectric signals that stimulate the proteins responsible for tooth movement.  When these proteins are  “activated” we are then able to have greater control of tooth movement to achieve the shorter and more comfortable treatment.  The same process is then used to help stabilize the teeth more rapidly to minimize any post-treatment relapse.

Many exciting things to come!

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